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Weather Information

Canada Soccer: Lightning Safety / Severe Weather Policy

The safety of players, coaches, management and spectators is the primary concern in any weather event that occurs during all matches sanctioned by Canada Soccer.

Severe weather impacts to play

General rules for all ages are that we do play rain or shine. 

(game times can be delayed, not cancelled, to allow weather to pass and a game to begin)

Inclement Weather Policy:

  • To insure player safety in Kincardine Minor Soccer, teams will follow the direction of game officials/referees or coaches.  They will determine before the start of the game if there should be water breaks given throughout the game.  This also will reflect if the game should be canceled due to inclement weather as per the warning levels outlined below.
  • Thunder and lightning result in games being called or delayed, but that decision is made by the referee at game time. We have suspended play for extreme heat as well.
  • Game time decisions based on active thunderstorms in the area can not be determined in advance. The exception to this is our U4, U5, U6 Timbit House League. For Timbits, it is left to the coaches of each team to come to a mutual agreement.

WARNING LEVELS on Severe Weather:

Range of Temperature: Environment Canada

Caution: Mandatory Water Breaks: 30-39 degrees C

Dangerous: Cancellation of Games: 40 degrees C & above

  • The League and/or Club will determine whether games and/or practices will be cancelled due to Temperature levels being exceeded.  
  • An email will be sent out by the League or Club to all Division Convenors and coaches via email prior to 3pm advising whether games will be cancelled.   Once received by the club, this information will be sent out to coaches and parents as timely as possible.

If the Kincardine Minor Soccer Club cancels soccer as a whole for the night due to conditions as stated above we will use one of more of the methods outlined below.  We will try to get that message out by 4pm on the day of concern.

  1. via the Coaches
    1. who then can send a message via SportsEngine app to their teams or an email
  2. KDMSC email to the parent/guardian email address in SportsEngine of who registered the player
  3. KDMSC Facebook and website
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