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SportsEngine is a technology partner of Ontario Soccer.  The Club is accredited with Ontario Soccer.  We have access to use SportsEngine Cloud-based Sports Relationship Management software and provides the Club several things:

  • Website capability
  • Registration capability
  • Automated linkage with Ontario Soccer (required membership for staff and players)
  • Mobile app for in-season team collaboration for coaches/staff with parents/guardians/fans
  • Set of tools for Kincardine Minor Soccer to manage many aspects of running a Club

SportsEngine has been adopted by the Club to increase our efficiently and build upon things for the future.    "SportsEngine" is often referred to in general, but it has unique parts to it that we leverage to manage minor soccer in Kincardine.

Best Practices - Lessons Learned

  • We have 900 players and coaches each summer that access SportsEngine.  Most things are not a bug or the site is down.
    • Log out of your account or the app and log back in usually corrects the issue
    • Mobile phones sometimes can not be the best method of access for all things, try a browser from a computer
    • Not all browsers have the same level of success, Chrome and Firefox are usually suggested by SportsEngine.  Apple and Microsoft browser work most of the time
  • When registering players from season to season, use the same parent account.  When one parent registers a player one year and the other parent another year, it causes account sync issues and we will end up merging player profiles under one parent account in order to complete the rostering process.
  • Add a 2nd parent or guardian via the adding a Guardian process
  • If you are a coach, make sure you have your own account setup
    • Don't use your other parent or guardian for the secondary email address, as it will prevent them from creating their own account (to add them as a Guardian or be a coach)
  • If you have someone who wants to follow the team, but you don't want to add them as a Guardian.  They can still download the app and search for the team (let them know the team name) as follow as a "Fan"
  • Some of the KMS Executive board have familiarity or have seen and learned about things, but we are not experts.  Please use the help links on this page in the right hand menu first.  If you can't find an answer, email the Club and we will submit a support ticket for you if you cannot locate what is causing your issue.

Primary Account Owner Adding other Parents or Guardians to a player's team view

Family members can be added as Guardians to view the team schedule, RSVP to games and events, message team members, and edit the athlete's profile.

  1. Sign in and go to the Household tab of your dashboard.
  2. Click on an athlete sub-profile.
  3. Below the Permissions header, click + Add.

Team fans in Sportsengine

What Can a Fan Do?

  • View the team schedule.
  • View the first name and last initial of the roster.
  • View stats and standings.

What Can a Fan Not Do?

  • View or participate in team chats.
  • Send or receive team messages.
  • RSVP to games or events.
  • View team media posts.


My SportsEngine

In the upper right corner of the Club website pages is a circular icon.  If you are logged in it may show your initials or a photo if you have uploaded one.

The basis for an Account is that it is a parent and/or guardian and players are added to the Household under that single account.  Then when a registration is made available you simply access our registration specific site, log in and all your player info is available for the Club and Ontario Soccer to do what they need to do once you register the player(s).

In the My SportsEngine dashboard, you can view:

  • Home, Household, Schedules, Teams, Registrations, Memberships, Settings (where you own your information for changes & communication preferences)

The lower left of the page has a "Need Help" link which links you to their For Parents section with many commonly asked questions.

SportsEngine App

The SportsEngine app allows parents/guardian and team coaches access information (team schedules, rosters), perform team actions (RSVPs, Chat) and more!  More information with links to downloading can be found here:

The app is free to users and is used by KMS to make it easier to manage the season. 

Receiving Club Messages

SportsEngine For Parents

A collection of articles for "How To" based on frequently asked questions.

Advice and answers from the SportsEngine Team

For parents, for team staff, for admins, etc.


Go to Google and phrase your question or what you are looking for with SportsEngine and it will point you to a support article in SportsEngine Community or Knowledge Base.

SportsEngine system status

Real time status displayed for all the SportsEngine applications and services.