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Player Uniform & Equipment Information

Again this year, we have maintained the previous regular season/registration soccer fees to remove the yearly uniform costs from the normal fees.

The goals are to lower overall costs for families in the long run as you will not need to pay each year for shirts and kit, instead only when your player grows out of what they have or moves to a new playing group (Timbits - Kincardine House League - Lake Shore League).  This approach also promotes a positive environmental stewardship by not consuming and discarding new uniform kits every year, contributes to a reduced foot print, continued support our local businesses, etc. 

Additionally, it will help the small group of volunteer Kincardine Minor Soccer executive board members to continue to facilitate summer soccer in Kincardine.

Please review the table below on this page, so that  you can understand what is needed for the age group your player(s) fall into.

Soccer equipment is available locally at Kincardine's Home Hardware and Canadian Tire. 

Official versions of the KDMSC jerseys available for purchase at Home Hardware.  When buying jerseys from Home Hardware look for specific House League shirts vs. Lake Shore League shirts (ask a HH employee for assistance if needed. 

Kincardine House League (KHL) and Lake Shore League (LSL) shirts are generally availably at Home Hardware starting in late April.

Determine which group my players is...

If you are unsure what group your child is in, you can verify by doing the following.

  2. log in
  3. upper right of the page "select your account"
  4. My Dashboard
  5. left menu Registrations
  6. Select 2024 Summer Season Player Registration
  7. scroll down and look for: Registration Options - Division


U4, U5, U6

Provided to player courtesy of Tim Hortons Timbit program

U4, U5, U6 Kincardine House League (KHL) "TImBits"

Tim Horton's is the sponsor and provides players in this age group:

  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Ball
  1. Coaches of each team will distribute the Tim Horton's kits at the beginning of the season to each player.
  2. Parents/Guardians need to have their child come to soccer with:
    1. Shin guards
    2. Water bottle
    3. Athletic footwear (players do not need cleats in these age groups).

Kincardine House league (KHL)

U8 & U10

Players bring or obtain their own shirts, no numbers needed

U8 and U10 Kincardine House League (KHL)

Kincardine Minor Soccer moved to a reusable approach to our Kincardine House League (KHL).   In an effort to me eco-friendly, reduce the seasonal registration fees and  have shirts that will last players several year, each player will need an orange shirt and a grey shirt for the season.

Official Kincardine House League shirts are available at Home Hardware Kincardine.  Shirts can be handed down from siblings or you can even just have your own orange or grey shirts for you child.

  • Orange shirt is for when your  team is designated "Home" in the game schedule (viewable in the SportsEngine App).
  • Grey shirt is for when your team is designated as "Away" in the game schedule (viewable in the SportsEngine App).
  • Players can wear any shorts
  • Soccer cleats are recommended at this age
  • Players need to bring their own shin pads and water bottles.

lake shore league

U12, U15, U18

Players obtain their own shirts, KMS puts a number on them.

U12, U15, U18 Lake Shore League (LSL)

Players need the following:

  • Orange Lake Shore League shirt
    • If you have a prior numbered shirt, that can be used (check with the coach to make sure there isn't another player with same number)
    • If you need a shirt, they are available at Home Hardware Kincardine and the Club will provide a few evenings before the start of games to put numbers on the shirts.
  • Black shorts
  • Black socks
  • Water bottle
  • Shin guards
  • Soccer cleats
  • Practice ball

Information by Group

  U4, U5, U6 U8, U10 U12, U15, U18

Player Birth Years

(for 2024 season)

2018, 2019, 2020 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2001, 2012, 2013

League Name

Kincardine House League (KHL)

Kincardine House League

Lake Shore League
Who provides uniform kits? Tim Hortons


Shirt Information


Tim Horton's Shirt

2 different color House League (HL) shirts needed


 ORANGE Local League shirt needed for Lake Shore games (please ask at Home Hardware associate for assistance)

Different from the House League shirts.

# of Shirts needed 1


1 orange, 1 grey


What other items does my player need for their uniform?

Provided by Tim Hortons:

- shorts, socks and a ball

  • shorts
  • soccer socks (that cover the shin guard)
  • black shorts
  • black soccer socks (that cover the shin guard)
Jersey Numbers Timbit jerseys come from supplier with numbers No numbers needed for House League shirt, not required.  Shirts on the rack do not have numbers.

Required by Lake Shore rules for each player to have a number.  Kincardine Minor Soccer has numbers and a machine to apply them.   We will have a couple of "Number Nights" before the start of games at the Bruce Ave Soccer Hut.  

(Dates will be communicated on the website, Club Facebook page, emailed to players in Lake Shore League, as well as the team coach will share dates.)

Included in Season / Registration Fee Not applicable  No No


Season Start

Early May

Early May

Player supplied  soccer equipment
  • soccer shin guards
  • water bottle
  • Soccer cleats or athletic shoes
  • soccer shin guards
  • soccer cleats
  •  water bottle
  • practice ball (size 4)
  • soccer shin guards
  • soccer cleats
  • water bottle
  • practice ball (see chart at bottom of page)



Kids can wear cleats or athletic shoes (sneakers, runners, etc.)

Kincardine Minor Soccer will be using the 2 different colour shirts for House League going forward and they can be re-used from year to year with any child playing in the U8 or U10 House League including other siblings

Currently, Kincardine is the only orange team, so players will only need a single/qty 1 team shirt for their Lake Shore Local League games against other towns going forward and they can be re-used from year to year.  




Soccer Ball Size by Age

In Kincardine...

  • U4, U5, U6 teams play with size 3 soccer balls
  • U8, U10, U12 teams play with size 4 soccer balls
  • U15, U18 teams play with size 5 soccer balls

Sponsor and Suppliers

Below are links to Tim Horton's TimBit site and links to local Kincardine suppliers of soccer gear/equipment.

Sponsored by Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons

Visit Website
Sponsored by Kincardine Home Hardware

Kincardine Home Hardware

Visit Website
Sponsored by Kincardine Canadian Tire

Kincardine Canadian Tire

Visit Website