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KDMSC Media Policy

KDMSC Media Policy

Team lists with players’ first and last name and contact information may be distributed or be visible to other parents of children on the team to facilitate phone tree calling or carpooling.

The media may be invited to soccer events to take photos of players and write articles about players’ achievements.  The player might be identified by first and last name, and team affiliation.  The information gathered is used as part of the Club’s/League’s communication plan to share newsworthy events that occur during games and/or practices.  Media may choose to use the Internet as a communication tool and as a result photos or articles written about these events may be available online.

Photographs and videos of players (with their names and team affiliations), collectively or individually, may be taken by Club/League staff/volunteers and/or professional photographers that have been approved by the Club/League and may be used in the following manner:

  • Bulletin boards at the Davidson Centre
  • In local newspapers
  • On local television
  • At Club/League events (such as the End of the Year tournament)
  • On the Club or League websites

Parents are reminded that visitors to soccer events might take photographs or videos of their child’s participation.  It is illegal to post photos or videos on the Internet of other children without the consent of the other children’s parent/guardian.