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Revised July 22, 2013


    1. Ages and Divisions
      1. Age will be for the current year for U4 (four and under), U5 (five and under), U6 (six and under), U8 (eight and under), and U10 (ten and under) as per Executive Agreement.
      2. Minimum age shall be 3 years of age as of May 31 of the current year.
      3. Underage players will be accepted if the following criterion is met: the child demonstrates the ability to participate in the division as "judged" by the Convenor, Coach's, and parents.
      4. The coach from the previous year may identify a player to be considered for underage play in the upcoming season.
      5. The Executive must be made aware of any players playing out of their designated age group.
    2. Statement of Principle: KDSMC will endeavour to establish their age grouping to best serve the needs of the participants.  U12 and up must follow the ages of OSA and the League.
    3. Individual...
    4. A player...

    1. A copy of the birth certificate may be required for all players.

    1. Statement of Principle: It is the goal of the program to form teams by distributing the talent equally.
    2. Team selection will be made by the Registrar League Convenor and members of the Executive.  The League Convenor is responsible for balancing the teams.
    3. Items 3.1 and 3.2 do not apply to representative or tournament teams.  Selection of these types of teams is by the coaches.

    1. The teams will, as much as possible, be scheduled to play once a week and to practice once a week.  U4, U5 and U6 teams to practice and play on the same night.  A schedule for practices will be made by the Coach Coordinator, in mutual agreement with the Coaches.
    2. No games are to be rescheduled without prior permission from the appropriate Convenor.

    1. The data and format will be decided with the following considerations:
      • The format for playoff games will depend on the number of teams per division.
      • The coaches will have the opportunity to express any concerns about the schedule before it becomes final.
      • Set times and locations will be established and printed on the playoff schedule.

    1. In the event of inclement weather during a game in progress:
      • If the game has played ten minutes into the second half, and the referee stops the game, the score is taken as is.
      • If the game is stopped before the allotted time, the game must be replayed within two weeks.  As with any re-scheduled game, the Convenor must be contacted.
      • For Representative, Tournament & Lakeshore Teams they will follow the constitution and rules of the League/Tournament they are playing in.
    2. Referees can only cancel games at game time.
    3. For U4, U5 and U6 only, the Convenor and/or Coaches in mutual agreement, can cancel games due to inclement weather.
    4. If a playoff game is called due to weather conditions, the game will be completed at another time.  If the game is more than two-thirds played, results stand and the game is not rescheduled.

    1. Fees will be set by the Executive prior to registration.  The following will be taken into account
      • Referees
      • User fees and any field rental costs
      • Equipment and uniform needs
      • Long-term commitment to field upgrading
      • League affiliation costs
      • Awards
      • Insurance
      • Storage
      • Administrative costs
      • Capital projects
    2. Registration fees are intended to equate to actual costs incurred by each group.  Membership costs for county, district and/or provincial soccer associations plus the higher uniform costs may result in possible higher fees for players outside of House League.
    3. Priorities will be discussed and voted on at any given executive meeting.
    4. The signature of the President or the Treasurer and/or one other member of the Executive will be required on each cheque.
    5. An audit of the books is recommended every two years.

    1. The following amount of the registration fee will be refunded to those players deciding not to play soccer after registering:
      • Before registration process has started - 100%
      • Before the first game is played - 75%
      • After the second scheduled or playoff game is played - 50%
      • Once the third schedule or playoff game is played - No Refund
    2. Refunds requested due to injuries, health problems or other issues will be at the Executive's discretion.
    3. Uniforms must be returned to receive a registration refund. (As applicable)

    1. Uniforms may be provided on loan by KDMSC or purchased as part of the registration fees.  The Executive will determine whether uniforms will be provided or purchased prior to setting registration fees each season.
    2. When the uniform is provided on loan:
      1. The loaned uniform will include, as a minimum, a jersey.
      2. The uniform is to be returned to the Equipment Manager on a scheduled return date.
      3. Players are responsible for the uniform and it must be returned in good condition.
      4. A deposit cheque is required at registration for each loaned uniform.  The amount of the uniform deposit will be determined by the Executive prior to registration each season.  Deposit cheques will be refunded providing full, undamaged uniforms are returned on scheduled return date(s).  Deposits for uniforms returned after the scheduled return date(s) will be refunded less a $10.00 administration fee.  One month after the final scheduled uniform return date, all remaining deposit cheques will be cashed.  Anyone returning his/her uniform after this date will not have their deposit refunded.
    3. If the uniform is purchased, the cost of the uniform shall be included in the registration fees.  The uniform does not have to be returned at the end of the season.
    4. All teams and players must wear only those uniforms provided by KDMSC.  No other uniforms will be permitted.
    5. Shin pads (not provided by or purchased through KDMSC) are mandatory in all age divisions.

    1. Any team wishing to register for out-of-town tournaments or in another league (Representative) must apply in writing to the Executive.  The Executive will handle each request individually.
    2. All league games that will be missed due to attendance at Tournaments are to be rescheduled, and played if possible, before attending the tournament.
    3. OUT – OF- TOWN Team(s) shall not solicit for funding unless approved by The Executive.
  11. BY-LAW 11:  AWARDS

    1. The U4, U5 and U6 divisions are non-competitive and playoffs are a fun day only.  All U4, U5 and U6 players will receive an award, pin or trophy.
    2. All players in U8 and U10 receive awards for their divisions for the tournament.
    3. On Tournament day, only the first place in the league will receive an award.
      • House League Trophies are presented to:
        • U8 Division League Champions
        • U10 Division League Champions
    4. The Trevor Elwood Memorial award is presented at the last scheduled game to the player on the Senior Mixed Team and the Senior Girls Team that the coach(es) feel is the player who best exemplifies total team spirit.
    5. All players U12 and upwards shall receive awards as per the league they play in.

    1. Each team registered with KDMSC will have a Coach, Assistant Coach, and Manager.  Duties to be divided between the Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager include:
      • Play each player of his/her team unless injury occurs, and each player will receive equal playing time, in line with the player’s physical abilities.
      • Do not interfere with the running of the games by the referee.
      • Make all unresolved protests to the Convenor in writing within 48 hours of the end of the game.
      • Do not solicit funds.
      • Responsibility for team equipment such as balls, binders, first aid kits, etc.
      • Provide completed equipment lists to the Convenor.
      • Provide any changes to Convenor.
      • Distribute all schedules and other information to team members and parents.
      • Make phone calls as required.
      • Show leadership, encourage team play and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
      • Rating of players.
      • Run practices and organize the team for games.
      • Coordinate KDMSC requirements and requests to team members and parents.
      • Ensure team results are communicated to the appropriate body and updated on the website.
      • Prepare team write-ups and ensure communications are sent to local media.
    2. All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers and Trainers are subject to bi-annual screening by the local police department as per the requirements of the league they play in.
  13. BY-LAW 13:  GAMES

    1. Team will play two equal periods of time.
    2. Duration of playing time and recommended team sizes are as follows:
      • U4, U5 and U6:
        • 15 minute periods
        • Four (4) players on at five (5) minute shifts.
        • Minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 players per team.
      • U8 And U10:
        • Per OSA Mini Soccer rules
        • Minimum of 10 and maximum of 13 players per team.
      • U12 and U14:
        • Per OSA rules
        • Minimum 15 and maximum of 18 players per team.
      • U16, U18 and U20
        • Per OSA rules
        • Minimum 18 and maximum of 20 players per team.
    3. U8 will allow throw ins and not kick ins.

    1. U4, U5 and U6:  Substitutions every five (5) minutes.
    2. U8 and U10:  Substitutions shall be allowed at stoppages, under control of the referee.
    3. U12 and above:  As per constitution and rules of the League they are playing in.

    1. Points will be awarded as follows:
      • Three (3) points for a win / default win.
      • One (1) point for a tie.
      • Zero (0) points for a loss / default.
    2. In the case of a tie:
      1. U8:  Teams tied for first place at the end of the House League season will be awarded “Joint Championship” and medals will be presented to players on all winning teams.  Goals for/against during the regular season will be used to break the tie and determine team standings for preparation of the House League Tournament Day schedule.  Largest goal differential will be five (5).
      2. U10:  Teams tied for first place at the end of the season will use end of season tournament rules.  In the event of a tie in the division standings, the tie will be broken as follows:
        • Largest goal difference (goals for minus goals against)
        • Largest goal average (goals for divided by goals against)
        • Most wins
        • Penalty shots
        • Largest goal differential for any game result will be five (5)
  16. BY-LAW 16:  RESULTS

    1. Coaches shall ensure that the game results are provided to an appointed official before 9:30 pm of the game night, or in accordance with the rules of the league they play in.

    1. A Disciplinary Committee is made up of the President, the appropriate Convenor, and the Referee Coordinator plus any other member of the Executive.  The President will call a meeting of the Disciplinary Committee.
    2. Any unresolved complaint to be official and requiring action must be put in writing and sent to the President.  The complaint must precisely state the problem.
    3. Any parties named must be given a copy of the complaint and the opportunity to state their position before any action is taken.
    4. The final decision will be made by the Disciplinary Committee.  The concerned individuals will be advised of the decision and rationale.  Guidelines will be available for the committee.
    5. Any disputes between coaches must be settled by the Convenor of the League.
  18. BY-LAW 18:  REFEREES

    1. The decision of the referee if FINAL.  No coach or player will question the referee’s work during or after the game.  No coach will walk onto the field of play or leave the field of play without the referee’s permission.
    2. Game sheets are to be completed by the referees and signed by both coaches.  The game sheet must be handed in to the Convenor by the referee.  Failure to do so may result in no pay for the game.

    1. For the purpose of bringing up players as the need arises, the following rules must be applied:
      • Out-of-town Convenor must be notified (U12 and up)
        • Coaches must notify the player’s coach before contacting the player.
        • In accordance with the constitution and playing rules of the league they are playing in

    1. Any member of the Executive who misses three (3) consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse can be replaced by appointment.  A motion will be made after the individual has been notified in writing.
    2. Any other matters not covered within these by-laws may be discussed, decided and voted upon by the Executive and a new by-law added.

    1. KDMSC follows OSA Rules & Regulations as far as practicable in line with the Clubs statement of principles.
    2. KDMSC follows OSA Standards for Code of Conduct, Policies, Forms and Guidelines in line with the Clubs statement of principles.